FRANCOFANS article on Le Monde Est Fou

Francofans, the magazine of the French song makes a review of the monde est fou. It wasn’t easy, I don’t really fit in their “French song” codes but the review is there, and it’s good.

She is free Isa, and for those who doubted it after listening to Rouge à rêve released in 2015, she clears up any doubts with this second opus, Le Monde Est Fou. Bassist, pianist, songwriter she does not lack strings to her bow to offer us a sound out of all the shackles. Originally, Isa evolves in the song jazz groove, blues, sometimes (Carrefour du diable), and we find all the sensuality of the style in her voice. But here, isa shows us his appetence for the electro pop which dominates throughout these seven titles. An album that delivers her thoughts on this crazy world, on prostitution (Porn Geneva), on migrants (Traverser les rivières) and on our passivity facing the end of the world (J’attends). Songs often short, but effective, with heady refrains and arrangements refined enough to continue being surprised after several listenings.

I am interested in your opinion !

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