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Straddling Styles, With Class

It is an understatement to say that his album “Le Monde Est Fou” charmed us! Strong in
texts and sound textures, between pop, song and musical hybridization,
it is, in a way, a beautiful alien that Isa Somparé proposes.
A warm alien to which we get attached very quickly, and which turns out to be as rich as light.

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ITW in english for the site Hip Hop Paranoïa

ITW made for the release of the album “Le Monde est fou”.

Release date: November 19, 2021

ITW Hip Hop Paranoïa

Isa Somparé – LE MONDE EST FOU (the World Is Mad) [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Playful, Mixed, Chic

Tell us a few things about your album “Le Monde Est Fou”.

That album is born during the quarantine. Ironically, this album is turned towards the outside and approaches the sensitive topics of the current events: the ecological disaster, the migrants, the prostitution…
It is in french so it’s a kind of “chanson française” but the music is a mix between jazz, blues, soul, electro, all the influences that I like. I’m looking for the groove from black music married with Chanson française.
And I hope to get A fresh sound, melody lines and meaningful lyrics

Which song of the album reflects you the most?

Maybe “j’attends”. It’s a very slowly blues about the time that passes, the life that goes sometimes too fast and sometimes too slowly. But anyway, all the moment of life are to be lived say the lyrics.

Pochette le monde est fou
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Indie Chronique

Nice chronicle in indie chronique for the release of Le monde est fou on November 19th.

As we enter a new season, we needed a beautiful musical discovery that would warm our hearts. It is the artist Isa Somparé who offered us this gift thanks to her album ” LE MONDE EST FOU ” (the World Is Mad), available for pre-order.

The singer will seduce you from the first track of this captivating opus between jazz, neo-soul and lyrics that will disconnect you from your routine while bringing meaning to your life.

“LE MONDE EST FOU” is effortlessly enjoyable, relaxing and reminds you what real music is all about.


It is always a pleasure to answer an ITW from Stéphane of La Parisienne Life.

Aujourd’hui nous nous rencontrons pour parler de mon album “Le monde est fou” qui sort le 19 novembre

Published on 17 November 2021 by Steph Musicnation

Is “Le Monde Est Fou” in the line of “Rouge à Rêve” released in 2016 or did you explore new directions?

Yes and no; “Le Monde Est Fou” is perhaps in the same vein as “Rouge à Rêve” in terms of writing except that on my previous record, I dealt with the feeling of love, love, breakup and everything that can happen in between. “Rouge à Rêve” was more about intimacy whereas this one is open to the outside world. From a musical point of view, at first sight, this record is not in the line of its predecessor. “Rouge à Rêve” was more acoustic with small electro touches whereas “Le Monde Est Fou” is more radical. It is much more pushed on the level of the synthetic sounds.

Was the work different on “Le Monde Est Fou”?

Yes, on the first one, even if I am in charge of the arrangements and the realization of my albums, I had called upon several musicians who had played, in studio, with real instruments, whereas for “Le Monde Est Fou” which was made during the confinement, I worked only with two musicians; Léandro Aconcha on piano and keyboards and Daniel Blanc on guitar. As we couldn’t meet because of the sanitary measures, I sent them my demos asking them for precise things and then they sent me back their tracks by Internet. The work was done remotely and the sound is a bit different because this record was made with more machines than the first one, and in my home studio.



Interview for the cultural blog Divertir.eu

Originally from Paris, Isa Somparé is a singer-songwriter. She is also the producer and director of her second album Le Monde est fou.

Isa works on mixes. It is above all French song, but the sound is a mix of jazz, pop and electro. Her influences range from blues to afro and the seven songs on the album reflect this musical originality. Isa favors atmospheres that are always at the service of his subject. The songs on the album Le monde est fou are inspired by today’s world and the animated video for the first single Le monde est fou sets the tone for this committed album. The song starts as a contine and ends as an apocalypse.
When she was younger, Isa sang with several jazz bands in the clubs of St Germain des Près.
She defended her first personal project “Rouge à Rêve” at the Parfum de Jazz festival, opening for Henri Texier in 2017.
This second album recorded in her own studio with Leandro Aconcha (Didier Lockwood, Ibrahim Maalouf) on keyboards and Daniel Blanc, a guitarist specializing in the blues, on guitar was born during the confinement.
Paradoxically, this album is turned towards the outside and approaches the sensitive topics of the current events: the ecological disaster, the migrants, the prostitution, the distended time of the confinement.
The sound of the album, a mixture of traditional jazz and blues and electronic instruments, reflects the duality of our society, torn between a sometimes frightening progress and a past that is now gone.
The song “J’attends” combined with a poem by Peter Handke, a very slow blues written during the confinement, puts forward the option of slowing down time (experienced during this very particular period) against acceleration and the glorification of speed.
The world is crazy, the first eponymous single of the album, evokes the destruction of the planet from the perspective of whaling.
The rather cheerful jazz swing pop music says the opposite of the lyrics but the very grating electro textures that make up the sound plunge the listener into a surprising and more anxiety-provoking sound universe than it seems.

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Chants songs Review on Le Monde est fou

Unclassifiable but with a real soul, Isa Somparé’s second album, Le monde est fou, where in seven songs, she takes a personal look at the world as it is, dreaming that it could be much better.

Although she opened for Henri Texier at the Parfum de jazz festival and was the lead singer of the FMR jazz quintet for fifteen years, Isa Somparé does not want to be a prisoner of one musical genre and proves it with Le monde est fou (*), where her singular voice marries many musical styles: from jazz sounds in the title song evoking climate disruption (Compte à rebours/ Mauvais détours) to the soul groove of Porn Geneva through the blues gospel sounds of Carrefour. She admits, practicing the self-interview in the document of presentation of her little person, that she “does not fit in any box” … Not the monotonous musical times that run, it is far from being a defect and Isa Somparé knows how to embark his world in a musical universe that we feel polished by many years of listening all azimuths, meetings and practice.

Pochette le monde est fou


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Album Review : Isa Somparé- Le Monde est Fou

Isa Somparé is a jazz artist based in Paris, France whose new album Le Monde Est Fou (The World is Mad) has been released today. Written during pandemic lockdown, it showcases Isa’s take on the modern world in which we live. As you may guess from the album’s title, it’s not a rosy one.

By Graeme Smith

Despite this assessment, Isa keeps it light. The opening title track combines jazz with lounge music and a touch of sci-fi to create something that feels both classic and futuristic. It certainly feels incomparable to anything else contemporary and I was excited to hear more.

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Published on 26 November 2021 by Steph Musicnation

After releasing two singles in 2019 and 2020, Isa Somparé finally gives a follow-up to his first record entitled “Rouge à Rêve” released five years ago.

Currently defended by the song that gives it its name, “Le Monde Est Fou” testifies to the musical expertise of the singer that we feel even more assertive, Isa Somparé continues to draw his artistic path according to his desires and it is so much the better because the artist is far from being locked in a box.

On “Le Monde Est Fou”, if we find more electronic notes, we recognize the muffled and personal universe of the singer who undeniably has a real pen to express what she lives, what she witnesses, what touches her.

“Le Monde Est Fou” is a journey in itself, it goes through the lyrics but also through the voice of Isa Somparé.

Note that “Porn Geneva” is certainly the little gem of this inspired record.


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